Our Curriculum

The Main Curriculum

JCS curriculum is following the American Curriculum Framework. The curriculum is built upon a commitment to the philosophy that learning is a continuous process, and that the educational process should strive for the improvement of all students. The American Curriculum develops the needs of all students. JCS curriculum is based on the traditional childhood learning process supported by an interesting deliverance technique encouraging students to practice their acquired knowledge through different activities integrated with high tech equipment directly into the classrooms.

JCS focuses on students’ well-being and interests as they play a fundamental role in a child’s development process. The school conducts regular activities throughout the school year to develop the student’s social skills.

Jeddah Campus practices high communication skills with the parents and its students. Apart from the formal report cards distributed during the year, the school has a variety of methods to report its student’s performance and progress.

  • Phone calls/SMS/WhatsApp
  • Meetings
  • Classlight Emails
  • Weekly Plans

At the end of every week students receive a weekly planner that shows all the assigned classwork and homework for the coming week.