Professional Development Programs

1. Culture of Collaboration Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

Jeddah Campus is committed to equipping students with the tools they need for academic, personal, and social achievements. JCS builds collaborative practices through designing professional learning communities that develop teaching and learning. JCS designed professional learning communities (PLCs) to improve quality and performance of education, teachers, and students.

2. Reflective Practices

JCS adopts a reflective practice which is an active, ongoing process, which opens wide opportunity to think through possible changes and analyze own actions.

3. Technology Integration

The school ensures that classrooms are equipped with the needed technologies to meet the 21st century skills. All classes are equipped with smart boards, whiteboards, bulletin boards, and LCD projectors.

4. Differentiated Instruction

JCS highly encourages implementing differentiated instruction in all classrooms as it is essential to ensure that all students have equal and equitable opportunities of learning.

Our teachers implement differentiated instruction through using different instructional strategies that consider diverse students’ needs and interests.

JCS team implements the Understanding by Design process (UbD) and backward design process in planning instruction and curriculum to focus on students’ understanding and learning skills.