Virtual Learning

JCS has chosen Classlight (One of the best E-learning platforms) to facilitate learning, provide successful virtual classes and encourage peer collaboration and teacher-parent communication.

Classlight aims is to provide every learner with all of the tools necessary to inspire achievement and to empower school districts with community partners invested in developing talent.

Students Information System

  • Manage all students’ information.
  • Handle schedules and course enrollment…etc.
  • Manage all students’ behavioral records.
  • Manage students’ attendance.
  • Notify management and parents of students attendance and participation.
  • Generate multiple reports and charts of students data.

Learning Management System

  • Question Bank: more than 3 million questions for all levels in all fields.
  • Real-time exams/assignments monitoring.
  • Global Notification Center.
  • Virtual Classrooms.
  • Assessment Tools.
  • Learning Outcomes Map.
  • Discussion Rooms.