KG1 Program

KG 1 program is designed to help children adjust to the school experience. The program has an emphasis on building language skills, using both English and Arabic.

The program offers a supportive and child-centered school environment where carefully planned programs and theme-based “learning centers” lead the students toward exploration and interaction. Daily activities are planned in a safe nurturing environment rich in language, constructive play, active exploration and social interaction.

KG 1 program includes English, Math, Motor Skills, Science, , Arabic, Islamic, Quran, and Art.

KG2 Program

KG2 program is designed to teach children the fundamental skills in reading and mathematics in an active, stimulating and accepting environment. Children’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth is enhanced through a variety of activities that meet individual and group needs.

The program focuses on oral language development as the basis for thinking, pre-writing, and prereading. KG 2 children are engaged active learning through body movement activities, manipulation of learning materials, and interaction with others.

KG 2 program includes English, Math, Science, Arabic, Islamic, Quran, and Art.

KG3 Program

KG 3 program is designed to carry on from the previous year to a more complex structure. And to prepare children for the 1st grade.

KG 3 Children explore concepts through a theme-based approach that integrates all core subject areas including language arts, math, science, and social studies.

KG 3 program includes English, Math, Science, Art, French, , Arabic, Islamic, and Quran.